iPhone Game Development - the very first steps

Hello kids,
I got some e-mails from a few readers of my blog. They were asking me: "Granny, where should I start if I want to create my own game for iPhone?" (or something like this). So I decided to answer it here on my blog, because this information can be useful for more people.

If you are new to iPhone Game Development and want to make your own game, there are only a few steps you have to follow:

Visit Apple Developer Connection site - it is the essential place when it comes to Apple Development.

Step 1 - Download the SDK

Developing games on iPhone is great - you get all tools for free from Apple. So the first step is that you have to download iPhone SDK. In this SDK is everything you need for iPhone game development - there's Xcode, Apple's premiere development environment for Mac OS X (iPhone) or iPhone emulator so you can see how will your game work on real device.

The only thing you can't do is deploying - you can't copy your game to the real device - you can run it only in emulator.

Step 2 - Learn Objective-C

You've got SDK? Right, then you have to learn Objective-C. If you are new to programming, try google some articles or books or look on Amazon. Every application running on Mac or iPhone or iPhone Touch is written in Objective-C so if you wanna have your own game, this is mandatory.

Step 3 - Apply to Apple Developer Program

If you want to have your game in your iPhone or iPod Touch - like I wanted when I started with iPhone development - you have to become certified iPhone Developer. Oh boy, I am 77-year old iPhone Developer! Would you believe that there's old lady like me developing games for iPhone? Anyway, you can become certified Apple Developer if you apply to iPhone Developer Program. It will cost you $99.

Then you have to wait. How long? In my case it took Apple about one week to process it. But it think it is because I am not living in the US. I don't know, maybe someone will share some experiences on in in discussion.

When you become certified iPhone Developer, you can deploy your game on iPhone or iPod Touch. Then you can play it! If you are certified you can sell it on AppStore too.

I hope this post helped you...



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