Time plan for my game

Hello kids,
in my last post I mentioned that I joined Twitter (yes, you are welcome to follow me!). It is really inspiring place for me. Now I follow about 200 great people who are some connected to iphone games or iphone development. Following them for a few days gave me a lot. But it would be nice to get some feedback on my game development journey, so feel free to comment my articles. I want to know that you are there, folks!

People I am following made me think about my blog and posts I write here. I decided to be more concrete on my game and show you how can one old granny like me do her first iphone game. So I committed myself to write more posts about development of my game and here is the first of them - the time plan!

In one earlier post I mentioned the importance of the planning. It is essential for me and it was the first step that I undertook when I was thinking about developing own iphone game.

My time plan is set for 3 months from start to finish. From start where there's nothing to finish where there will be the iphone game. Look at my plan and inspire yourself. Now I am in the middle of week 6 and although I am little bit behind with actual work, a lot of things are done. I am pretty satisfied with my present progress! I did expect more development problems.

Enough for now! I have to go to feed my animals.

Bye kids,



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I almost forgot to tell you - I created my account on the Twitter! My grandsons told me that Twitter is cool thing so if you are interested in one old granny and her thoughts you can follow me.

Game concept for my iPhone game

Hello kids,

I was little sick last month and I was forced to go to the hospital. But it is alright now (Thanks for asking!). Anyway, during my stay in the hospital I had had a lot of free time. I had spent it by thinking and making some sketches and concepts. It was really useful because I thought out my first iPhone game. It will be game similar to the Tetris (the classic I love) but there will be a few twists:

- you can move and rotate falling bricks
- there will be applied gravity on the bricks
- bricks will have different color and your goal will be to put together 3 bricks of the same color.

Seems easy, doesn't it? I hope so. I want to play this game with my grandsons so I decided to make it as easy as possible. And because it is my first iphone game and everything will be new for me while creating, I don't want to make some big game.

I have a plan to finish this game in 2 months. I hope I can stick to it and make it. I will post here on my blog updates on the game development.


Your Granny