5 days to go! - First review

I must little bit apologize for my last article. You know, this is my private place, my own personal diary, where I should write my thoughts and opinions. But last time I was asked to make a change a put here some official promotion/presentation text about Gelex. And I must admit that it was kind of reasonable request, because lots of people came here last days to find what Gelex is all about and instead of that, they’ve found what I think about price, social network systems and so on :) So I hope you understand that it was necessary, but I promise you, that this was one and only exception and will never happen again :) There are better places to advertise Gelex than my blog :)

Anyway, the important thing is that we have 5 days until the release day. I’m helping Handjoy with some promotion materials – some extra pictures and things like that. I’m slowly starting to plan and design some additions to Gelex for first update. Releasing updates and adding new and new things into the game is really important if you wanna keep the game alive.

But first update is distant future and I will write about it more sometimes later. What I wanna mention today is my very first review of Gelex. That’s so awesome! There have been some previews already – English ones or in different languages which I don’t understand, so I don’t know if it’s positive or negative critique :D (I hope for positive :) ) But this is full review and it is really great. So here it is: http://diygamer.com/2009/11/tetris-foolproofgelex/

I wanna thank DiyGamer for it. And that’s nice end for today’s post :)

Bye bye

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