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Hello kids,
It's here. Tomorrow is the D Day. But before that, there are some things that need to be done and said. Well, you probably know what I am talking about. Firstly it's our already running price contest. And secondly it is brand new competition (which I mentioned yesterday) where you can win exclusive gifts!

But first things first. As you probably remember, 3 weeks ago I've announced on my blog new contest, where you will decide what will be the starting price for Gelex. It was also said, that if you really want Gelex for free, it's gonna happen. And I am happy to announce, that you've made a great job and the game will be for free! Here is the final result:

1 600 results is enough to make the game free for first two days after the release. But I've convinced Handjoy to make it free for whole weekend until Monday! That's awesome and I hope you won't miss this opportunity to get Gelex without any doubts.

Gelex competition on Facebook
In conjunction with Handjoy we have prepared another contest, which will start tomorrow, when you start playing Gelex :) This competition is very simple. You need to beat all other Gelex players, earn the highest score in the game and win great prizes!

If you wanna participate in this competition you need to do following steps:

 • Add me as your friend on Facebook
 • Download and start playing Gelex :)
 • Connect Gelex with your facebook account (In Gelex options menu click on Facebook icon and follow instructions. It's very simple.)
 • Play Gelex and try to reach best score you can :)
 • When you finish your game, boast about your score on Facebook (click on Boast button on “Game over screen”)

The first step is very important, because if you don't add me as your friend then I will not see your Facebook message and you won't be involved in this contest. So I advise you to do it now :)

This contest ends after this weekend. On Monday I will announce winners and Handjoy will send you your prize. And what are the prizes? Well here it is:

 • 1. Place – The Highest score: 40$ iTunes email gift certificate
 • 2. Place: 20$ iTunes email gift certificate
 • 3. Place: 10$ iTunes email gift certificate
 • 5 random contestants will receive promo code for Handjoy's iPhone game Jumboo (1,99$)

So what you think? I think you should try it, there is nothing to lose.

Bye bye and be prepared for tomorrow :)

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