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Hello kids,
Today I've got lots to write about and some pictures to show you, so let's move straight to the topic which is main menu of Gelex.

Firstly I wanna remind you one of my last article, where I was writing about the story. I've showed you some sketches of the physicist. Here you can see new visual look of him. He still doesn't have a name, but this picture is final. There will be some sort of "introduction animation", in which he will be playing the main role. You will see whole his laboratory and part of this room will create perfect place for main menu screen.

I've already drawn whole laboratory, but for today I will show you just the main menu screen. Here it is:

From the picture you probably get idea how the menu looks like. But let me describe few more things:
- the flip chart is the place where you will see all these menu items, but it's quite small. So there will be some kind of "zoom trick" when situation needs it.
- name Gelex will be animated in some bouncy jelly way :)
- physicist will be little bit animated - he is alive not a statue :) - and he will be pointing at the place where you touch the screen
- there will be some Gelex bricks and they will be interactive - you can grab them, move them, throw them away :)

As you can see some of the menu parts are useless for the menu purpose - like the physicist's pointing or Gelex bricks. But I hope people will like that there is more than just few simple menu items which start the main game or setup some options.

Ok dears, thank you very much for your support and if you want, write me some name sugestions for the physicist.

 Granny Marie   

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