Evolution! (+video)

Hello kids,
it's been really busy two weeks and Gelex made huge step forward. With all these polishes and optimizations I've implemented, the game plays and feels much much better. At least for me :)

As I've promised before I've prepared new video where you can see all these new things in motion. On top of that you can see some elements which I didn't mention yet:
- numbers for score now have an animation when they change
- there is an animation when you make combination of same colored bricks
- new animation for faces when they are destroyed
- there is implemented level system - after you destroy some amount of bricks the game becomes harder - you can see your progress in the upper left corner - the green "level window" slowly turns red, if it's all red you will go to the next level

If you watch the older video and then this new one, on a first look you will feel that it is still the same game. But on a second look you will realize (I hope you will :) ) how much the game has changed and I like to say "evolved" :)

For me the ingame part of Gelex is complete. I know, I know there are still no sounds, but I will deal with music and sounds in the end. Right know I'm focusing all my skills on one thing -> The Menu!

If you've read interview with me on PocketGamer.biz (I really wanna thank Jon for this opportunity and the article!) you would probably know, that I want my main menu to be more interactive, more animated or simply just more fun. Wait for the next article and you will know more how I wanna achieve that.

Granny Marie

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