A game like mine

Hello kids,
Today morning I have received e-mail from one of my blog readers. He told me, that there is already a game like mine, but on a PC platform. The game is called Triptych and the basic principles of that game are really very close to my ideas about Gelex.

At first I was quite sad about that, but after few games of Triptych I’ve realized, that the game is so funny and enjoyable that I forgot all the worries that my game won’t be as unique as I’ve planned to be. I must tell you, that today I’ve spent nearly whole day playing it. I love the game! :) The authors did a great job on it and I admire them.

Right know I’m worrying just about one thing. That knowing Triptych will influence my development so much, that I create just complete copy of Triptych :) Well, I hope that it’s not gonna happen. At least my game is on iPhone not a PC and on an iPhone is nothing like that…. hope so :)

Apart from playing Tryptich all day long, I was doing some drawing. But this time not just a sketches but some animations of the face of brick. You can see the results here. I’m planning to add much more animations in future. These are just first three – laughing, “I am innocent look” :) and scowl face.

That’s all for now kids,

Granny Marie

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