Physicist and the story in my game

Hello kids,
Such a terrible weather today. It was raining all day long. It makes me feel sad. So I decided to draw some nice sketches of main character of my game to cheer me up. Oh gosh! I forget to tell you about the main character and the story behind the game! Ok, let’s do something about it...

As you already know the game will be about moving bricks and stuff like that. So where should be anything like main character? Actually there are two main “heroes”. First one is some kind foolish, crazy, funny physicist (I still don’t have a name for him. Any ideas?) And the second one is a new substance/matter which he accidently invented. This new matter takes form of a little brick – you know, jelly brick :) – and got eyes and mouth and it can even talk. But the most problematic thing about it is (apart from all those noises and talks it makes) that it clones itself all the time. So the physicist invented a machine (which will be actually main in-game screen) where he can let these bricks disappear. The only thing needed is match 3 same color bricks together.

The physicist will be something like a guide in the game. And the bricks will be just annoying little creatures all over the place and of course the main thing to play with :) I must admit that the idea of physicist and jelly creatures was inspired with the Flubber movie. I know, it’s a silly movie, but I love it. And Robin Williams is always so great. So please forgive me :)

I think it’s enough about the story, which probably won’t be said anywhere in the game. You know, it’s gonna be just a little arcade game and the story thing is just for myself and you-my readers of course :) But enough talking here is the picture of the physicist:

It’s just a sketch. I’m still not decided which one will be used. Maybe I will draw something completely different or I will improve one of these. But right now I think he should be younger than these ones. I am so bad at decisions….

Ok kids, I’m going to take some rest. And by the way, for those who tweet me that I‘m a fake. You know if somebody would told me, that there is a farmer guy who was catching chickens for all his life and now on people just realized that he can sing like no one other can, I wouldn’t believe that either. Yeah, I’m huge fan of Kevin Skinner from Americas Got Talent. I’m watching him on YouTube and hope he’s gonna win whole competition. You never know, maybe my game will hit the top on the AppStore :)

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