You can play it! (+video)

Hello Kids,
Last two days I was so busy - working hard and implementing all the new images into the program and I've also improved the code itself - that I had no time for anything else - my garden, my chickens, my cat, even my goat. Everything had to wait.

But right now I’m really happy that I put so much effort into it. The application could be finally called a GAME :), it’s fully playable and I got brand new video for you to see it in action. So, here it is:

Isn’t it cute? :) I’m so proud of myself. The face animations are so funny. In Chipmunk (the physics engine) I’ve lowered the friction property, which means that all these bricks are slicker, so they are sliding over each other. And it feels great to play with it :)

Ok ok, that’s enough of self-praise and back to the reality :) It’s playable and looks quite finished. That’s fine, but it’s just a beginning. I need to add music and sound effects, menu, maybe some loading screens and so on. And I see another million things that I wanna add into this in-game. You know not something huge, new gameplay element or something. No no. Just small things, that will make the game more polished.

First of all I wanna do something about the background field - the grey field with squares. It’s so boring to watch and the game feels empty. I wanna put there some animations or something. That’s the problem of the entire background image. It’s so static. Some animations would make it alive. I have some ideas, but I don’t wanna write about them now. I want to see them first and if it’s gonna work I will write something about it.

I’m gonna take some rest now and you can write me a comment what’s your impressions :)

Granny Marie

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