How to polish your game - part 2

Hello kids,
I wanna continue in my last article about polishes that will improve the visual look of my game. Last time I managed to add some changing colors into the square field. This time I tried to add some animations to make the background more alive.

As you will see, all those new things are just small improvements, but as a whole (I think) it boosts the quality of the game a lot. So here is the list of new things:

1) Door over the “next brick view” window – each time you receive a new brick to control, there is an animations of closing and opening door.

2) Lights above this (1) window – when there is door animation, the lights above it start flashing.

3) Bubbles in these tubes – in the blue and yellow liquid in tubes flow some bubbles

4) Surface of the liquid – now it looks more 3 dimensional :)

5) Popping bubbles – in tubes there are little popping bubbles above the luiqid.

6) Flashing lights – actually they act more like broken lights, but it looks fine :)

7) Valve and steam – I added 2 valves into the upper left corner. They move every time there is a change in amount of liquid in tubes and sometimes there is steam coming out. The steam is done by particle effect. It was not so hard, but it needed few tries to look the way I wanted to.

And that’s all. In next few days I’m planning to create new video and you will see all those things in motion, but for now you must accept only these images.

Bye bye,
Granny Marie

3 komentáře:

  1. This is awesome!
    Keep up the great work Granny :)

  2. Thanks for the Inspiration. :) You are my personal hero.

  3. Preji Vam mnoho uspechu pri developmentu hry a tesim se, az si ji stahnu z AppStore :)