How to polish your game - part 3

Hello kids,
All these polishes I did last week are great, but i was still feeling that it needs something more. So i decided to add one more animation. It's related with score system and I didn't explain that system yet, so I write about it today.

The score system is quite simple, but it's kind of tricky, because it is the key to master the game and earn lots of points. So here are the rules:

1) if you make combination of 3 bricks, you will receive 3 points - first 3 bricks are worth 1 point each
2) when you make any combination, timer for bonus will start counting - it is represented by yellow tube
3) each destroyed brick will give you one second to the bonus timer
4) if you destroy more bricks than 3 in bonus time, each brick is worth one more extra point - fourth one is worth 2 point, fifth one 3 points, sixth one 4 point and so on
5) When bonus time is over, bonus score ended and starts from the beginning. Game will save how many bricks you've destroyed during that bonus time as "combo"

So your goal is to keep destroying the bricks shortly after each other. I hope you get why :) If not, wait for the game and after few games of it, you will understand the rules.

I've mentioned combos - how many bricks you have destroyed during one bonus time. Each time you make any combo (at least 5 bricks destroyed needed) you will be awarded with some evaluation/rating. These are just text messages, but I wanted them to be more attractive. And here comes the last polish I've made.

The idea of this effect was simple. The text is made from Gelex matter that will splash on your screen and then flow off it. Here you can see the result:

What you think? Isn't it cute? :) Maybe it looks simple, but it was quite hard for me and took me lots of time. But I'm happy each time I make a combo and see this little animation. :) Sometimes I really wish to see it more often. But you know, then it wouldn't be so special :)

Granny Marie

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  1. Hi crazy granny. Can you tell me, please, where are you from? Small village in Czech rep. not tell me everything. Thanks for answer ;)

  2. Is the name of small village "Lhota" or "Lhotka"?