Background image is here!

Hello kids,
Last few evenings I’ve been drawing the main in-game background image and now I am really proud to present you the result. It should represent the machine, where you can let the jelly bricks disappear. You can read more why there is machine in my previous post.

Let me describe what you can find there. I put some “nice” (I know they are as ugly as my goat Liza in the morning :) ) pink numbers there.

1. You can find level number there. Each new level the game becomes harder and harder
2. Next brick – shape and colors of next brick
3. Information about score points
4. You highest score you’ve ever scored
5. Game Over line – if there is any brick above this line after the time limit (6) is over, the game ends
6. Time limit – how much time left for controlling your actual brick
7. Another time limit, but this time for score bonuses – I will describe that sometime later
8. Main field for playing with bricks

I have also prepared one fake screenshot (it’s prepared in Photoshop, so it’s a fake not real screenshot :) I didn’t put new images into a program yet) how the game should look in the final form.

I am still not convinced about the main square ground, because it feels a bit empty, even if there are bricks, there is lots of empty space. I will try to do something about that. And these faces are little bit too big.

So let me know if you like it or not. I am waiting for your responses :)

Bye bye
Granny Marie

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