Hello kids,
I just wanted to let you know, that my game got finally a name. Last week or more I was thinking about it really hard, but it was worth it. I think I found a nice name that fits my game perfectly. The name is Gelex :) (As you probably already know from the headline :) ).

I had few basic requirements for that name. I wanted to be short, easy to remember, easy to say and of course -> completely new word! It also should cover these facts:
- The game is about jelly, gummy bricks
- There will be some stunning effects (hope so :) )
- The whole problem with bricks happened because of accident during one experiment.
- Physics plays huge part

And the name covers most of them. Only the physics fact is not in the name. First part “Gel” is obvious. “Ex” is for experiment and is also quite close to FX, which means effects. Also the sound of the name Gelex sounds to me quite close to effects – yeah, because of the X at the end :)

This is just a sketch of the game name. In the future I want it to be animated with lots of polish stuff. Wish me luck with that :)

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